Adding Value to Your House


If you are a homeowner and you feel like you need a change in your life, instead of buying a new home, you can always improve the one that you already have, and also increase its value.

There are many things that you can do to solve this issue, but we have gathered for you some of the most useful things that you can change in your house to make it more valuable, in case you ever want to sell it.

All these can also be made in case you have just bought a house. There is always the need to change things around us, and because of this, it gets out of hands faster than you can think about it, especially when it’s about a house.

A Bedroom in the Attic

If you ever want to have more room in your house, but also more value later, you can always do a bedroom in the attic. First of all, you need to add insulation to the roof, make it waterproof, and then change whatever needs changing in the structure of the roof. After this, all you need is to call an interior designer or furnish the room yourself. It was proven with numbers that the value is indeed increased, and also, if you later sell it, you recover about 85% of what you have spent with building the attic bedroom.

The Basement

E3MxTML9tFeQnSN-NoOTkvui8Gw990DUTkMJ-FtyjsA-300x300If you choose to remodel the basement, this also needs some money to do it. First of all, you need to test the place for mold and humidity and also get rig of them. After this, there is a whole process of actually building a new place there – you will need new walls, new insulation, new floor, and also new furniture, depending on what you want to have there. The price can be high, but you’ll be recovering about 78% if you ever want to sell the house.

A New Bathroom

Adding a new bathroom can prove useful, but also it costs some money. The budget should cover everything, from plumbing and heating, to new appliances, tiles and everything that you want to have there. The cost will be recovered at about 60% from its original value.

Remodeling the Bathroom

If you want to remodel the bathroom that you already have, it will cost you less money that building a new one, but the process is almost the same. You won’t have to think about a location, but you will have to think about what goes in there. You may need a new sink or a new bathtub or shower, a cabinet and new lighting fixture. If you choose to do this, you’ll recover about 75% of your investment once you decide to sell it.

A Generator

In addition, there may be the need of a new backup power generator. This is very useful, no matter if you ever sell the house or not, but the value of the house will increase and you will be able to recover about 60% of what you have invested.

A Wood Deck

2010.07.20If you choose to make a wood deck addition, then the price will be lower than a composite deck. However, it will prove to be useful as a recreational space, where you can put a table and chairs or whatever you want. Its value will be recovered in about 87% from the original price.

The Entry Door

That is the first thing you see when you come home, and also, the first thing your guests see when they come to your place. Because of this, it can prove useful to change the entry door, and use one made of fiberglass. It’s true that the budget needs to be a little higher than usual, but the improvement can be seen instantly.

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